Merry Christmas to me. ♥ 1181
Don’t party with pheasants. ♥ 243
♥ 283
♥ 36
♥ 9
shirt and tie, Polo Ralph Lauren
belt, Leather Man LTD. ♥ 136
♥ 760
Oak Street Beach ♥ 20
Great weather today! ♥ 155
The local GANT stores will give a 500€ ($662) gift card to the customer who submits the best outfit with at least one piece by GANT. This is my entry. The scarf, bow tie and rugby are by GANT. A little Ralph Lauren and KJP thrown in, also. Second prize is $397 and whoever comes third will get $265. ♥ 52
Excuse the quality of my stone-aged Nokia. I was in a hurry, and didn’t feel like taking a better picture when I came home at 3:30 AM. ♥ 9
Can’t reach my camera farther than that when I take pics of myself…. So everything get’s really close. ^^ ♥ 10
This is where I tumble. ♥ 8
Awful quality… My phone isn’t exactly smart.
Ralph Lauren expedition down jacket, RL merino wool sweater, RL oxford, GANT scarf, old leather Suitcase bought in Greece about 30 years ago. ♥ 9
Heavy Rugger. Heavy price tag. Well, it’s pay day tomorrow so I’m covered, I guess. ♥ 10